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    Allman brothers


    par THESNIKE

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    The Allman Brothers are one of the greatest bands that I ever had the pleasure to listen. Their music is so tight. Some bands really don't play as well live. Not the ABB. They sound like their recordings. One of the most professional bands that I have ever seen. I first saw them in 1975 in Philadelphia at the Spectrum. I have seen them several times since, but the first time was the greatest. Unfortunately, I was unable to see Duane or Berry. I would have loved to have seen the original band. I just want to thank the band for giving us all so much pleasure with listening to their music and seeing them perform. These men are great musicians!
    Par abb1971Il y a 8 ans
    Jean-michel Pelet
    merci trop cool ce moment d'histoire
    Par Jean-michel PeletIl y a 8 ans