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    Shen Yun is ‘Poetry in Motion’ Says Dean of Performing Arts, Taipei, Taiwan


    by NTDTelevision

    Shen Yun Performing Arts is currently playing in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, at the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

    Cai Yongwen from the National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA) watched the show on Friday night, February 22.

    [Cai Yongwen, Dean of College of Performing Arts, NTUA]:
    “It’s poetry in motion. I think all the performing arts must have the elements of humanity. Performances without those elements would only be stunts, and we would shout ‘awesome’, ‘cool’, and afterwards we go back home and that’s it. However, Shen Yun is different. After the show, you feel it touches the heart deep down. And the melody lingers on. What’s the reason? Because it’s full of the human spirit.”

    Shen Yun revives 5000 years of Chinese civilization, with performances that include ancient legends and characters. Cai Yongwen was impressed by the lighting effects in the piece ‘The Emporer Journeys to the Moon’.

    [Cai Yongwen, Dean of College of Performing Arts, NTUA]:
    “The changes in lighting are fantastic! Especially in the part where Emperor Xuanzong of Tang went to the Moon Palace and then everything lights up.”

    The same piece was mentioned by another audience member.

    [Lin Yixin, Consulting Firm Project Manager]:
    “In fact, science has broken many of our fantasies. For example, science has discovered nothing exists on the moon. But we have a lot of imagination about the moon. Just like in the show, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang went on a tour to the Moon Palace. I think it’s very beautiful.”

    Shen Yun’s beautiful colors seemed to fill the night with energy.

    [Lai Zhiyi, Representitive of Cannes Lions, International Festival of Creativity]:
    “If each color is a kind of energy, and the whole night is filled with bright colors, I feel the energy is very, very exciting.”

    Shen Yun plays in Taipei until February 26.

    NTD News, Taipei

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