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    L'Amour de son prochain / Love Thy Neighbour - english subtitles

    Benoît Maestre

    par Benoît Maestre

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    "L'Amour de son prochain" /" Love thy neighbor "
    by Benoît Maestre

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    HD 16/9 . Stéréo. 1h20. English subtitles. 2013

    Alain meets Estelle in unsetting circumstances. They'll then have to share a heavy secret. What they don't know is that a witness, Balthazar is watching them...

    On the verge of film noir and dark burlesque, a dramatic fantasy about lonelinesses bumping into each other

    Screenplay, direction, photography and editing : Benoît Maestre

    With: Hélène Dedryvère, Denis Rey, Didier Le Gouic,  Guillaume Destrem, François Fehner, Marion Bouvarel, Samuel Mathieu,  Véni Lacombe, Sarah Cousy, Laurent Nassiet, Richard Vergnes

    Sound engeneering:  Emmanuelle Schies et Mathieu Soudais

    Original soundtrack and mixing: Mathius Shadow-Sky

    © Luciole Prod / La Trame 2013

    "Auto production " (budget : 4500 € )