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    How a 13-Year-Old Boy Dealt with Lions Through Innovation

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    Check out how a 13-year-old boy dealt with lions through innovation.

    A young African boy has developed an effective way to keep lions away from his family’s herd of livestock in Kenya.

    He noticed that the lions wouldn’t come around if they saw a moving light that looked like a person carrying a flashlight.

    He used this principle to come up with the idea to have flashing LED bulbs hooked up to a car battery wired for solar power and designed to flicker on and off to keep the lions away.

    So far, his family hasn’t lost any livestock to lion attacks since they started using his invention.

    The thirteen year old boy has been invited to a TED 2013 conference in California, and was given a scholarship to Brookhouse International School, which is one of the top schools in Kenya.

    Many other inventions were thought of by kids such as popsicles, ear muffs, trampolines and even the Braille writing and reading system for blind people.

    Fifteen year old Louis Braille came up with the alphabet system that uses raised dots to signify words, but the system wasn’t widely implemented until after his death at age 43.

    What are some other examples of clever inventions created by children?