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    Silent Treatment Is a Better Way to Deal With Jerks: Study

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    Research says silent treatment is the best way to deal with jerks.

    Everyone has run into a jerk at some time in their lives.

    Research has found that the best way to deal with one is by giving the brute a dose of silent treatment.

    There are certain benefits to ignoring someone who can’t stop being annoying. It’s doesn’t drain you mentally and you completely avoid any conflict.

    The new study, published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships involved 118 college participants. They were asked to spend four minutes with a person acting in either a pleasant manner or as a “jerk”, then complete a task requiring thought.

    The study subjects who ignored the unpleasant tester were unaffected mentally. However, those who were nice to the obnoxious jerk were left feeling drained and depleted, and their task results reflected this.

    The study author states “Our findings suggest that the silent treatment may be used as a strategy for conserving mental resources that would otherwise be exhausted by interacting with someone who is inherently aversive to be around.”

    While the cold shoulder method seems to work with strangers or acquaintances, the research author warns that giving loved ones or relationship partners the silent treatment could pose long-term negative effects.