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    5 Unexpected US Cities for Great Pizza

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Check out 5 surprising cities that offer delicious pizza.

    Travel & Leisure recently released a list of the best American cities for pizza according to their readers. While some are usual suspects, others will surprise you. Here are 5 under-the-radar cities.

    Number 5 – Locals in Providence, Rhode Island love their grilled pizza - the dough is first cooked on one side and then flipped prior to the toppings being added. The city’s downtown area is loaded with pizza joints, offering anything from traditional pies to pizza strips.

    Number 4 – Philadelphia is commonly associated with cheese steaks but how about pizza? The city, infact, is a perfect place to find a mouth-watering pizza. A museum in Fishtown offers thin-crust dishes and exhibits over 500 pizza related memorabilia.

    Number 3 – The outwardly, seemingly reserved charm of Savannah, Georgia contradicts the varying, sometimes brazen forms of pizza making. Restaurants specializing in the pies range from Jersey-style to Neapolitan, to just good old-fashioned pizzas.

    Number 2 – The home of country music, Nashville Tennessee offers locals all different types of overly stuffed and topped pies. New York styled slices can be found here along with heavy, tummy filling Lasagna Pizza which features globs of ricotta and meatballs.

    Number 1 – Kansas City, Missouri… home of barbecued, spicy foods. Pizza comes next on the list for the city’s most edible concoctions. Specializing in unique pies that often come with a barbeque twist. Gourmet pies with deep dish, crispy or honey whole wheat crusts are the signature of one highly regarded joint named Minsky’s.