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    Wireless Water Level & Temperature Measurements Using Xbee ZigBee and LabVIEW by Engin Sicimogullari


    by Red_Apple_London

    --- MEng Electronic Engineering Final Year Project undertaken by Engin Sicimogullari in Year 2012 at Queen Mary, University of London ---

    ABSTRACT of the Report:

    " This paper is the report of an electronic engineering project called 'Wireless Control and Monitoring of Food Display & Storage Unit (Temperature and Water Level Measurements)' undertaken at Queen Mary University of London in 2011-2012 academic years. The aim of the project is to design and implement an electronic device which can be used to measure the variation of water level and the temperature of a remote food storage and display unit and transfer the data to a base station (e.g. PC, laptop) via wireless communication channel using ZigBee protocol (IEEE 802.15.4). Once these data are transferred, LabVIEW 2011 by National Instruments software is used to display these measurements on the screen of a laptop as well as to give commands to be able to control remote actuators that are used in those display and storage units. Then these measurements were tried to be distributed over MOM (Message oriented middleware) infrastructure.

    Simple and cheap water level and temperature circuits and Xbee modules were used in this project to be able to acquire and transmit the data wirelessly within a range of around 100 metres. Overall product provided moderate data accuracy and was able to monitor the water level and temperature variation of remote sensors. Remote actuation of fan and water pump was attempted by using NI-VISA write function of LabVIEW and coordinator Xbee module however no success has been achieved even though similar task has been achieved by using Arduino board the programming code of which was very similar to the LabVIEW code. Distributions of these measurements over TCP to a distant subscriber by using MOM were attempted but couldn't manage to make it work. Sensor measurements however were transmitted wirelessly to a remote coordinator laptop via Xbee antenna modules and the both of the sensor measurements were displayed simultaneously in real time on the laptop using LabVIEW 2011 software. Results achieved were suitable enough for this application and provided a door step for further applications and investigations. "


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