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    Hour of Terror on Chinese Plane


    by NTDTelevision

    It was an "hour of terror" for passengers of China Southern Airline's flight CZ 3624. According to window seat passenger, just moments after takeoff, the entire plane shook, and the left engine's cowling came off. Then the strange noises began.

    [Flight CZ3624's passenger]:
    "From where I sat I could clearly see the left engine with its cover broken off and the inside structure exposed."

    As passengers made it to safety inside the airport, they recall their harrowing ordeal.

    [Flight CZ3624's passenger]:
    "It was really thrilling, as if you went through a life-death test. Many thoughts entered my mind at that time"

    With over ten tons of fuel, and immediate landing was impossible. And so through the shaking and the terrible noise, the plane began circling the airport for nearly an hour to consume the highly flammable fuel. Safety so close, but just out of reach.

    But even through the terror, some remained brave.

    [Flight CZ3624's passenger]:
    "I'm only eight years old and I came across such a fatal accident. My parents told me to be a man and be brave."

    The Guangzhou bound plane eventually managed to land safely back at the Harbin Taiping International Airport, more than two-and-a-half hours after they took off.

    An investigation is underway to find out what happened. But for the passengers of CZ 3624, it's likely to be a flight they'll never forget.

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