Anna Chellallu Episode 328

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Veerraju hates women. He is always abusive of his mother because she conceived him without getting married. He believes that wife is only for pleasure and to provide money. He marries a girl from a rich family through dubious plans. He also kills his father in-law who denies him his property. His innocent wife gives all rights of her property to Veerraju.

While she is pregnant, he warns her of deserting her if she gives birth to a baby girl. Meanwhile she finds a 12 year old orphan in a temple and she brings him and keeps with her in house. Veerraju doesn't object as he thinks that this boy will be a potential assistant to his yet-to-be-born son.

As time passes, his wife bears him two girls. But when even the third born is a girl, Veerraju sets her on fire along with children. But the young orphan boy --Dasu saves her children from fire. The dying mother takes a promise from Dasu that he would take care of her children.

While the story unfolds with how a young orphan boy took the brother's position and raises the three girls , and now after the generation change, the three young girls hates the brother for killing their mother. The truth is Dasu the brother is innocent and the main culprit is the girls father ( Veerraju ) himself.

Since his sisters never allow him to stay with them, Dasu chose to be in a female getup. Mr Prabhakar who is playing the lead role as Dasu in the serial, took a brave step to act like a female character " Ramulakka " which created quite a stir in the audience and helped raising the trp's of the show. This is the first time ever any male artist acted in a female getup in TV for such a long period. After many twists and turns now the misconception about Dasu is cleared and all are happily together. Deepthi is married to Durga. Dasu is working hard to take care of other two sisters marriages.

Between Kinnera and Geetha whom Dasu has to choose as his life partner..?
and what incidents forced him to take this decision....keep watching Annachellellu
for these answers...