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    Man Sues Hospital After Waking Up During Eye Surgery

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    A man sues a hospital after a surgery goes horribly wrong.

    Most people fear going in for any type of surgery. One man, Hector L. Alonso is suing a Louisiana hospital following an alleged, horrific ordeal during an eye operation.

    The victim reportedly woke up during cataract surgery and he claims doctors put tape over his mouth and held him down when he asked them to stop the procedure. While he was being restrained, Alonso allegedly lost a tooth and ended up swallowing it.

    He is now suffering from complete vision loss in his right eye resulting from the struggle in the operating room. He is seeking damages from both the physical injury in addition to the mental suffering which he refers to as “torture”.

    Last year, a 22-year-old man from Sweden was claiming that he woke up during surgery for a collapsed lung. He had been fully sedated but a few minutes into the operation, he became alert.

    He heard doctors talking around him and felt the immense pain of the surgery. The patient was unable to speak or move his body during the procedure so surgeons continued working on him. He stated “It was terrible, my worst nightmare.”