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    Fake Walnuts Containing Cement Reportedly Seen in China

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Cases of counterfeit walnuts are rising in China.

    Counterfeit goods can be found in pretty much every facet of our lives.

    But in a new bizarre scenario from China, walnuts were cracked open and reportedly rock-like substances were found inside.

    On the outside, the fake walnuts look like normal nuts, but many unsuspecting people have opened them up to find a rock or concrete piece lodged between the shells. The most common culprits seem to be street vendors looking to maximize profits by selling the counterfeit unshelled nuts and the nutmeat separately.

    The sellers apparently place the concrete piece in between the shells and seal the husk back together with glue.

    Fake chicken eggs are also posing a problem in China's marketplace. Molded to look like the real thing, the eggs are made of a mixture of resin, coagulant and starch, with pigment added to make it look white and a different mixture of pigment and resin to make the yolk.

    The shell is composed of wax, gypsum powder and calcium carbonate. Apparently it costs half as much to produce the fake eggs as the real thing.