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    Screams Of Hate - "Corrupted" A BlankTV Feature!


    by BlankTV

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    Screams Of Hate - "Corrupted" A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Genre: KrankTV

    Artist Biography: Founded in 2002, the band "Screams Of Hate" begins a new chapter in its trajectory with the entry of two new members [Clayton - Vocals and Thiago - Guitar] in March/2011 and consolidates their structure with others members [Alexandre - Guitar / Vicente - Bass / Marcelo - Drums], where our musical chemistry and dedication was so fast and amazing!

    In May/2012, we're returning to the scene with the release of our debut EP - "Corrupted" with 05 Lethal Songs and also with a video clip. Without worrying about labels and brands..., the "Screams Of Hate" will destroy your ears with the most Brutal Brazilian Metal! "

    Director Name: Screams Of Hate
    Producer Name: Screams Of Hate

    About The Video: Our First Video by Bew EP Corrupted! Metal Fucking Band from Brazil - Horror Video!

    Artist Website:

    Song Lyrics: I feel my skin
    forces of the evil
    get in my body
    and...corrupt... my... Veins

    Rotten, blood and desperate
    Im inside the scene
    No matter what I felt... Mutation
    critical moment of depression
    I feel pain, and suffering

    desire, for blood and death, fortifies me, fortifies me
    ohhhh , desire for blood and death
    fortifies me, my insane want to suck the blood
    arrests me in Machiavellian plans
    in Machiavellian plans

    maggots into my mind
    worms into my body (3X)
    a parasite that controls
    controls my acts!

    Beating heart..., Corrupted mind!

    guts drain... in, blood, got, out.......
    guts drain giving births
    for new, embryos
    Guts drain...ohhh my life!
    guts drain giving births
    for new, embryos


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