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    Planet Hulk Movie Debunked?


    by ClevverMovies

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    For those of you hoping we'd see a Planet Hulk movie come out after the sequel to The Avengers, it may not be happening. Latino Review claimed that Marvel's Phase 2 & 3 would include plans for the Hulk, ending The Avengers 2 with our heroes exiling Hulk into space. Sounds like the perfect set up for Planet Hulk, right? Maybe not. According to Ain', this isn't Marvel's plan for Hulk after all, at least not when Marvel's got Mark Ruffalo signed on for a 6 picture deal as Bruce Banner and Planet Hulk doesn't include the genius scientist. Although Marvel has not officially commented on either reports, it definitely leaves a lot of questions about Hulk and what his future will be after The Avengers sequel. It's no secret that the studio loves Mark Ruffalo and what he's been able to do as Bruce Banner thus far, making it counter intuitive for Marvel to reduce or alter his role at this point. During a recent appearance at the Glasgow Film Festival discussing his upcoming film Much Ado About Nothing, Joss Whedon was asked if there were plans to make another solo Hulk movie. Though he claimed he didn't know whether or not Marvel had such plans, he did say such a movie would be difficult to pull off successfully, because you wouldn't be able to structure it like a standard superhero movie, calling Hulk half superhero, half werewolf. He did say such a movie would have the benefit of Mark Ruffalo though. What do you guys think about a Hulk or Planet Hulk movie? Where do you think Marvel should go with the character after The Avengers 2? Sound off in the comments and stay tuned for more. I'm Erin Darling and you're watching Clevver Movies!