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    Shen Yun Completes Performances Despite Blizzard


    by NTDTelevision

    Shen Yun Performing Arts completed their last show in Boston admist the worst blizzard seen in years. The performing arts group's mission is to bring traditional Chinese culture to audience members throughout the world. The audience members in Boston still flocked to the theaters, even while struggling through road closures, severe cold, and other to obstacles.

    [Judy Hanes, Gymnastic Instructor]:
    "Everything was exuberant, the coloring of the costumes was exquisite and the quick movement and the staccato dynamics of the men flying through space. It was just awesome, you know with the background and the way they could fly into the screen–it was–it was really dynamic."

    [Nausheen Moulana, Senior Engineering Manager, Software Company]:
    "I like moment with the skirts, the different colors, wanted me to go get myself a skirt like that, it was so beautiful; everything was really amazing."

    Ballet teacher Liesl Lupoli was very impressed with the technique required of Chinese classical dancers.

    [Liesl Lupoli, Ballet teacher]:
    "It would be hard for me to do because I don't–ballet doesn't really do like flips or anything at all, no; I thought that was impressive and I enjoyed that."

    Many audience members were especially grateful of Shen Yun's mission of reestablishing China's lost culture.

    [Wendoly Langlois, Attorney]:
    "I loved just, kind of the historical aspect of it and how its taking us through you know several different periods in Chinese history. And almost I can feel it's bringing us into the modern age and I'm just enjoying the expansiveness of it all."

    [Nausheen Moulana, Senior Engineering Manager, Software Company]:
    "It's really great to see that some of the culture's been preserved, because if Shen Yun wasn't doing this then it would be lost–forever, so it was really heartwarming to see that it's being preserved and brought to the world."

    [Judy Hanes, Gymnastic Instructor]:
    "I'm a gymnastic instructor, and so seeing some of the acrobatics that they did, now I learned they came from China and from the Chinese original classic dance, it was fabulous. A wonderful performance, I encourage everyone to ever go see it."

    Shen Yun Performing Arts has three equally large companies touring the world and this company will continue it's tour of the U.S in the coming months.

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