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    DJ Bigdad - Global Tyranny - Operation Paul Revere Contest

    Shawn Brandt

    by Shawn Brandt

    DJ Bigdad's Entry

    Operation Paul Revere Contest Presented by Alex Jones!

    DJBigdad is the Resistance, and we are living in prison planet! For 10 years he has been creating controversial tunes speaking out for what it right. It is time for a Modern Day Paul Revere, "I truly believe that I can be the messenger threw my music. Hints my latest Album Name "The Message"~

    "I believe in waking up anyone I can with my music and creativity! I have a huge love for creating graphic design, web design, but an even bigger love for producing/master music, creating videos and sound engineering. It'd be a huge honor to be apart of the team in fighting the globalist!"

    All of the music was created by DJBigdad and can be downloaded for free at! - (its an archive of great powerful music)

    For more about Global Tyranny Check out!
    "I stay up because they are exposing more truths everyday!"

    First Song is an exclusive intro track created to begin the music video with sadness then eventually turns into an anger in..
    Second Song - Globalist Take Over from latest album "The Message" @

    Thank You for Listening and Please head over to and
    If you are reading this... You are the Resistance!