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    How Obamacare Will Impact Healthcare at Whole Foods



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    How Obamacare Will Impact Healthcare at Whole Foods
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    John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, discusses the incredible success of his grocery store and the healthy food movement in the United States.

    Iconic CEO and co-founder Mackey is known for his all-natural approach to a mega chain of grocery stores, Whole Foods. The success of his stores is, in part, credited with a boom in the healthy food movement whereby terms like organic, local, wild and hormone freeare  becoming rote for more than just the Birkenstock crowd. He's also taken the formula for conscious capitalism and corporate social responsibility to a whole new level, and other businesses are following suit. In his new book, Conscious Capitalism, co-authored with Professor Raj Sisodia, Mackey discusses the transformative business movement wherein value rests on something more than just finances. For Mackey, it's about the emotional, ecological and even spiritual purposes of business. The market for competitive advantage is changing, and the world's best companies are catching on to the holistic equation. Find out more about the Whole Foods story from the man himself.