Water Leak From Ceiling Atlanta

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Water Leak From Ceiling Atlanta:

Ceiling water leaks are a horrible surprise to discover. Water leaks from the ceiling can be caused by numerous problems. One problem is roof damage that has left a weak point in the weatherproofing under the shingles. These damages can be difficult to detect. Water travels to the lowest point on any surface. This means that your roof leak could be at the peak or high up on a valley and still travel down the beams.

Another reason for a water leak from the ceiling in Atlanta could be a busted pipe. We often have customers call because a pipe in the apartment above their apartment has busted, and the water has traveled down through a wall or ceiling light. These water clean ups are more involved than the standard water extraction. Sometimes the require wall interior or even attic drying. In many cases dry wall will have to be removed to dry from the source.

In many cases the water leak from ceiling in Atlanta is the result of a toilet that has overflow, a bathtub that has been left unattended and overflowed, or a line connection that has come loose or split at either the refridgerator, washing machine, or dishwasher. Again the water travels to the lowest point, so if there is space under your living space, then the water will travel there.

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