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    do you like the walking dead, I love walking dead


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    Do you like The Walking Dead? I love walking dead show!
    I just love it!

    Some of My favorite zombie shows, are the walking dead, resident evil, dawn of the dead, shawn of the dead, Lol! I Am Legend was cool.

    End of the world, apocalypse survival, and alien invasion, are my favorite movies to watch!

    Tons of people love these types of movies! Why? Why do people like the walking dead, resident evil, movies like Independence Day, and The Day After Tomorrow?

    What is it about the end of the world as we know it, that is so appealing to the masses?

    If we didn't absolutely LOVE these kinds of movies, they wouldn't be so popular!

    What are your thoughts? Why do you love these types of movies? Do you fantasize about the world coming to an end and watching the company you work for Burn to the ground? Would you just love it if your Boss was a zombie and you could just smash a hammer through his head?

    Ever thought about that? Are you frustrated with your life? Are you dissatisfied with your job? Do you just wish everything would change and you could just live life just for fun? Are you ready to release your Inner BadAss and start kicking Ass in YOUR life?

    What if you could? What if you could lock arms with a huge community of people who are just like you, who are fed up with earning measly income, and who are tired of taking it from behind from their boss, who are out there kicking ass to create a better life? What if there really was a way that you could escape your life as you know it and start making what you are worth, FROM HOME?

    Are you ready to Release your inner Bad-Ass and be the HERO in your own life?
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