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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack DLC Free


    by Vieooamce


    Hello Black Ops 2 gamers and welcome back to the this New Black Ops 2 gaming video tutorial, I'm here with new DLC news on Black Ops 2 Game. So you've hear a tutorial about to download Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack for free on PS3 Game. This is a very rare and leaked way to download Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack DLC for free on your PS3 . To get more information please visit following official web site;

    Just follow the video tutorial, After following correct steps you will able to download Revolution Map Pack free on PS3 game. But still you have any more questions about this, feel free to send me a pm or comment about it on the web site. Thanks for watching everyone, and I'll see you next time with another new gaming tutorial. Enjoy the game.

    About Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack - This map pack will contain four Multiplayer map; Hydro, Grind, Downhill and Mirage. A new Zombies map; Die Rise. New Zombies gamemode; Turned. For the first time, a new Multiplayer weapon/gun; Peacekeeper SMG!

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