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    3-Year-Old Boy Cannot Eat Any Food

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    by Geo Beats

    A 3-year-old boy cannot eat any food.

    Two parents in Florida are living a nightmare. Jennifer and Tom Gonzalez are in a constant state of panic because their three-year-old son, Michael, cannot eat any food whatsoever without getting sick.

    Since birth, he could not keep anything down. Doctors diagnosed Michael with a rare condition that limits food choices, but are baffled as to why he cannot tolerate other food stuffs. When he was nearing the age of one, Michael was started on a prescription-only formula.

    The child was taking in 20 to 30 bottles each day without any problems until several months ago, when the company’s packaging changed. He started vomiting again.

    Michael’s parents believe the ingredients changed, but the company reassured the family that everything but the exterior of the container was the same. The couple has been stockpiling cans with the older packaging but they are only safe to drink until October of 2013.

    Jennifer Gonzalez states “That's not OK, to tell me that my son has an expiration date.” Michael has been diagnosed with Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, which translates to an intolerance for milk or soy, but most children grow out of it before they turn a year old.

    The Gonzalez family is consistently working with medical experts to save their child's life.