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    Lawsuit After Bus Driver Eats Beef Patty While Driving


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    A lawsuit is settled over a sandwich-eating bus driver.

    One woman, Ursila Wilson didn’t expect to hop aboard a public bus in Broward County with a driver who was less-than-attentive when it came to the rules of the road.

    While she was boarding, she heard another passenger tell the bus operator, Herton Reid to stop driving crazy and witnessed him eating a Jamaican beef patty. A few blocks later, Reid slammed on the brakes causing some travelers to lurch forward.

    Wilson got the worst, banging her head and slamming onto the floor. Shockingly the driver only looked down at her and continued eating his sandwich.

    Wilson sued the county for medical bills and recently settled resulting in a $100,000 payout which comes out of taxpayers wallets. Even though Reid voluntarily resigned from his position, he had a long history of disciplinary warnings prior to the eating incident.

    Last year, government authorities in Huron, South Dakota released their plans to initiate a law which allowed police officers to ticket drivers who are eating a pizza, burger or any other type of yummy foods.

    The law also includes any other distraction, like putting on makeup that can cause erratic maneuvering.