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    Traces of Lost Continent Found

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A lost continent is found.

    Researchers from the University of Oslo have discovered the remains of a possible lost continent in the Indian Ocean between India and Madagascar.

    The geologists were studying sand samples from a volcanic island east of Madagascar and stumbled upon remnants of zircon crystals that were identified as being almost 2 billion years old.

    They think that tectonic plates shifted and sunk the landmass that might have been part of what the researchers have named Mauritia.

    A geophysicist from the University of Oslo, H. Torsvik thinks that the crystals eroded from an eruption of lava that burst through the sunken continental crust that is now on the seafloor.

    Volcanic eruptions and the planet’s crust shifting are continuous occurrences that have changed the face of the planet over the millennia.

    There are other controversial lost continents like the mythical Atlantis said to be at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and Lemuria, which some historians think might have sank under the Pacific.

    The geological evidence that has been discovered by the team of Norwegian, German and British scientists might be a missing piece in finding concrete proof of the existence of Mauritia.

    What do you think? Is it possible that there are lost continents at the bottom of the ocean.