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    Chimps Like to Solve Puzzles Similar to Humans

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    by Geo Beats

    Chimps solve puzzles just like humans.

    A new study further highlights similarities between chimpanzees and humans.

    Researchers set up a makeshift puzzle using plumbing pipes at a zoo in Bedfordshire, England.

    Six chimpanzees took part in the experiment, which involved shuffling dice through the pipes until they fell through an exit chamber. The primates had to use sticks to move and change direction of the dice.

    The study also used Brazilian nuts in the pipes, but the end chamber was removed causing the nuts to fall on the ground, which gave the chimpanzees an edible treat at the end of the cognitive challenge.

    A scientist involved with the study states “We noticed that the chimps were keen to complete the puzzle regardless of whether or not they received
    [a food reward. This strongly suggests they get similar feelings of satisfaction to humans who often complete brain games for a feel-good reward.”

    Another recent study proved that yawning wasn’t contagious only in humans. In the research project, 23 full-grown chimps were shown video footage of fellow chimpanzees yawning.

    Sure enough, it was contagious, leading scientists to conclude that the yawning trait creates an “underlying empathy” among chimpanzees.