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    Blind Dog Saved From House Fire

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    A blind dog is saved from a house fire.

    Home fires can leave both physical and psychological damage. Pat Ellis lost almost everything when a fire broke out in her Maryland home.

    The blaze started early in the morning, originating from the basement. Ellis’s two kids had managed to escape the residence without serious harm and three out of the family’s four dogs got out on their own.

    The fourth pooch, a male named Coco had thankfully been rescued by a firefighter while the fllames were being extinguished. Coco is blind and could not find his way out of the house. After receiving oxygen, he was reunited with the family.

    The cause of the fire is still being investigated, but nearby neighbors have established a fundraising campaign to assist the now displaced Ellis family.

    Last year, a deaf and blind dog was credited with saving lives after a home fire broke out. The Dachshund, named Tru alerted his owner, Katie Crosley of trouble.

    A wall of flames was just outside the family home. Crosley stated “He wasn’t barking a normal bark. He was wailing. I’m so glad he was compelled to save our lives. I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t been with us.”