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Personal Wellness - Mark Dobson, Workplace Incentives Partner

If you want to get someone to go from average to elite, there are two fundamental things that you've got to change. They're quite complex when you dive into them, but in the simplest form, they need to change their psychology and they need to change their skill set. They need to have the thought process of a champion and they also need to have the skill of a champion.

Now if we can get someone to that level, what we're going to do is we're going to maximize their ability. Are we definitely going to win the gold medal? No, but what we can do is we can guarantee that we can deliver the best of what we're genetically capable of.

Now if you look at health and well-being in an organization, what you'll find is that there are some people that do not think like champions. They think pretty sloppy and there are other people that really are models of health, and well-being, and fitness.

If we want to create corporate wellness, that is an organization where the people are well and thus productivity is good, and revenue is good, and efficiency is good, and just everything is flowing. The way to start, to get that shift, is start to resource and bring attention to the particularly talented people in this field.

So for example, just say to somebody that runs at lunchtime every day and they come back and they have some healthy food. They have fruit in the afternoon for snacks. If we say to them, "I see you're eating fruit every day. I tell you what, on Wednesdays and Fridays, why don't we bring in the fruit and look after it and just to support you because it's great."

Now what's going to happen is everybody else in the organization is going to say, "What about us? How come we don't get some fruit?" I'd love to buy you some fruit. Now what's happening at this time is we're now getting everybody else in the organization to start to think about, "Huh, fruit. That's an interesting idea." There's a change of psychology.

But not only that, then they go and eat the fruit and they see what the other person's eating and we're starting to change the skill. We're starting to change the habit; the pattern. But what we're doing is we're bringing attention to and resourcing the elite and talented people in the organization.
Now there's a whole complex fabric of strategies, and resources, and training around making sure that really takes route. But the simplest form for corporate wellness is we need to make sure we've got personal wellness. And some of us are very good at it, but if people aren't very good at it then, as leaders, what we want to do is bring attention to the people that are doing great.