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Reducing Employment Costs

5 years ago2 views

Reducing Employment Costs - Mark Dobson, Workplace Incentives Partner

Look, if you want to reduce employment costs, it's not about looking at the costs; it's looking about where you want to move the organization to because that will dissolve the cost. For example, wouldn't it be great if we had an organization where people wanted to come here to work?

Not only that -- we're the preferred employer. People wanted to stay, people wanted to perform for us, and for a long period of time they wanted to continue performing, and they wanted to continuously grow. Any organization would love to be that entity. So if that's the case, what's your plan?

Have you got a business plan for that? Have you got a strategy to make sure that people want to work for you; that people want to actually to stay, perform, and grow? Do you have a comprehensive strategy plan? Not just a, "Oh, we have barbeques every five weeks," or whatever. I mean a real strategic business plan about how you're going to nurture and develop the people.

Most organizations don't, but they look at companies like Google that get a lot of attention because they've got these funky work environments. We want to be more like that. Well what's your game plan? It's like going, "Oh, I want to go to Brazil." Well how you going to get there? "I don't know. I'm going to go to work tomorrow and hopefully it just happens."

It doesn't happen. You need a plan. Here's your first point. The first thing that you're going to have to put in place is you need vision. If a company doesn't have vision, you don't need to grow. You don't need to train your people because you're not going anywhere. People don't want to come across and work for you because you're a stagnant entity.

People move on because I can't grow here. I'm going to go somewhere else. The fundamental first thing that you've got to get in place is what is our vision? What is our growth? Because if there's something big to grow into then people have to jump through hoops; they have to perform; they have to train the people around them. They just have to do a good job.

And then we become a dynamic entity which people are excited to be a part of. Granted, some people might not be excited because they're the dead wood that doesn't want to have to work, and move, and change. However, if you don't have a vision, those people will stay because they like the stagnation; the routine. I don't have to be more than I am. So be very aware that if you want to be somebody or an organization -- you want to be an organization that reduces your staff costs and your employment costs because they are significant overhead, don't get too caught up in going, "Can we cut the fee from this recruitment officer?" Or, "Can we reduce this training?"