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    Workplace Incentives - Mark Dobson - Team Management

    Well, if we're going to talk about team management, there's probably two things that are important to make. That is that the management of the hard skills, that is the things that are mechanical, that.. like KPIs, and budgets and things. It can really be measured or seen or touched. And then, there's the soft skills. The soft skills are things that are much more subjective. They're the people skills, there's the tone of voice, the intense when you manage something or you said something. There's the way that we allow people to interact with each other. These are the.. It's more of a culture of the people or things essentially, but things we can't touch.

    Now, it's very easy to manage the mechanical. It's very easy to go, well these are our budgets people. We expect them to do it. This is the KPI, you didn't hit that target, etc. It's very easy. And for a long time, managers have been allowed to just focus on that and they're not necessarily held accountable to the way they're being. How are they being in that process? Are they being mean or pushy? Or are they being naive or they're actually not nurturing their staff? But now we live in an era where people expect customization. So even we look at the IT product, before the computers were just churned out almost like the model T Ford____. One colour, black. Computers came out. There wasn't any customization. But now we've got tablets and ipads and nannos and all these.. all these little things that are customized to exactly what we need. And inside it we can customize again. And now people know that in workspace, they have to do mechanical things. But they're also aware that the customization, the way that you can treat them as a human, comes in the soft skills. And a Manager that fails to develop their soft skill capacity, has a limited lifespan as a Manager, or the Manager that's growing.

    You'll always gonna find job where you can just put your head down and ignore things. But really if you're in a growing organization, a dynamic organization, or you want to be one, you need people who have the ability to have tough conversations in a brilliant, beautiful way. Or people who know how to create team dynamic in a way that doesn't just send out an email or a command and say this is the way it's gonna be done now. But actually knows how to nurture that. And also knows how to be tough at those times as well. So be aware that when we're talking about team management, we're really talking about managing mechanical and the soft skill. And if you're not looking after soft skill, you're looking after half, or half of the.. half of the organization or half of your real responsibility. And it will come around bite you sooner or later. Cause our people uprise, people, people are done with the... the you know, the old mushroom metaphor, you can just keep us in the dark, etc.