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    Classic Game Room - FINAL ZONE review for Sega Genesis


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Final Zone review. Shop CGR shirts & hats! Classic Game Room reviews FINAL ZONE for the Sega Genesis from Renovation released in 1990, a pseudo-open world action game where you blow up enemies with a giant robot! Sounds great! While Final Zone sounds and looks better than it is that doesn't change the fact it has giant robots with guns and missiles on the Sega Genesis. In Final Zone players take control of a giant future mech called the New Age Powersuit, or NAP for short (take a nap, ha!). It's the year 21XX and you'll be destroying the enemies of the El Shiria Military Nation enemies with your K-19 Phantom NAP and its 20 available weapons that all do the same thing! By the way, George is from North Brunswick New Jersey. That New and North stuff confuses me!!! AHHHH!!!!! It's time to send a NAP in there to just crush the New and make it Jersey. Sorry George. But don't worry if you see a giant robot blowing things up with 20 different kinds of lasers down the street.