Top 10 Cartoons of the 1990s


by WatchMojo

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I'm happy that you included the following : Captain Planet ,Spider-man, Batman (also ,very psyched that you mentioned REBOOT !!! Surprised it wasn't in your list .. Beast wars was, so ... I forgive you :))

Other cool cartoons that I enjoyed were : SWAT KATS (aired for 2 seasons), Pirates of Dark Water, Wacky Races, Saber Rider, Denver - the last dinosaur, last but not least THE MASK !!!!! , and machine - power extreme , Transformers - these were all good cartoons on Cartoon Network. That's were I learned to speak English also. I used to watch it about 8 hours a day. Didn;t have Fox,... at the time; didn't like the whole "What-a-cartoon'' series : johnny bravo, dexter's laboratory, ed -edd and eddie,cow and chicken, two stupid dogs... they were all poorly drawn. I was looking for good drawn cartoons and action packed ones.

Other cartoons that come to mind are Scooby-doo, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Tom&Jerry.
By Ionut Vili 2 years ago