Team Dynamics


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Well, dynamics means motion so we, when we say team dynamics, we're talking about is how the components of the team or the people actually move to help each other. And a good way you might have seen that is when you, you might have experienced this when you were young, when you see kids run for bus and they're friends. There's a group of friends and there's one slow key that, if the slow key had had nobody join him in the bus, the bus would probably take off. But people run, one just runs to get to the door of the bus then everybody else can spread themselves through evenly so the bus driver would look pretty mean for driving off. Because that gap between the next person is pretty small. So, but if one kid just weren't with the team, he can just run ahead, jump on and everybody else is too far behind. The bus driver can move away. But what, these kids have no awareness of these friends, they all want to go on the same bus or have the same goal, how do I have to be to allow you to also have this goal, have this experience.

And that dynamic between them, the motion between the people, that's what we're trying to get right in a team. And one of our clients has ah, had just started a new sales team. He had one person and he had to quickly bring on three others. And when he brought them on, I could immediately see that the team dynamic was not being taught. And that's what leadership or management does. It teaches the dynamic. It doesn't just go, alright, how are we going to manage the dynamics you've set? For example in an elevator, the dynamics is, it's next to no movement. Just face forward. Now if we face in the middle and have a chat, that would be great but unless, we can't do that. Even so, you can be behind someone. They're head is right in front of your face and you don't have to say anything. You can try getting, just go, hello, and you freak the person out. So in an elevator, no one taught us how to be so we just face forward. I say to this guy, straight away, you gotta teach your team dynamic how to be and the way to do that is to allocate either 15 minutes through to an hour every say Monday or Tuesday morning, for them to be involved in something which plants an idea, plants the way we'd like to be.

Sometimes that's a YouTube clip, sometimes that's a training session, sometimes it's a guest speaker. But I told him, lead the dynamic and make sure there is motion. And everybody understands that their job is to move in a way that allows everybody else to succeed as well. That's what team dynamics is. We all move to help us all succeed.