Estonia Opens World's First Nationwide EV Charging Network

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Estonia opens up the first nationwide EV charging network.

Fast charging stations are part of the infrastructure needed so that more people can own and operate electric cars.

Estonia has taken a step forward by implementing the first nationwide fast charging station system.

There are a total of 165 fast charging stations around the country, with those along the highways a minimum distance of 40 to 60 kilometers between each one.

Estonians can now drive their electric cars without worrying about the slightly limited driving range.

The fast charge stations refill a battery up to 90 percent in under half an hour.

The user can pay from 2 and a half to 5 euros for a single charge, or they can pay a monthly fee of 30 euros for unlimited charging.

CHAdeMO makes DC quick chargers for electric cars, and their website says that they have installed over 23 hundred in the world, with over 16 hundred in Japan, about 600 in Europe and just over 150 in the United States.

The government in the United Kingdom is offering grants and subsidies for people who buy and drive Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles, like electric cars.

What do you think? Should every country have fast charging stations for electric cars?