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    China Building a Replica of Titanic

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    by Geo Beats

    China builds a functioning replica of the Titanic.

    The ill-fated Titanic that capsized on April 15th, 1912 still captures headlines around the world.

    Now, China is working on building a full-sized, working copy of the Titanic.

    The builders are accepting $1 million bids for the first voyage which is slated to happen in 2016. The upcoming boat is said to be a 1 to 1 scale replica.

    China is known to have a great love concerning the history of the Titanic. Last year, a 3D remake of the famous 1997 film became the highest-grossing foreign movie in the country.

    Although many are looking forward to the ship’s completion, China’s reputation regarding shoddy construction work gets in the way. According to the Global Times, “It is indeed a challenge for China to fulfill a flawless construction mission as the world watches.”

    Last year, China became home to the picturesque European site of Hallstatt, Austria. You heard that right – The Alpine village was completely re-created as a perfect replica in Southern China.

    Containing a Roman-numeral clock tower and European-styled residences, the makeshift village was a delight for tourists.
    Even the real mayor of Hallstatt flew in to witness the village opening.