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    Did you think in our community that we say that we get paid to work? We don't get paid to perform or paid to be excellent or paid to dominate our industry. We get paid to work and with all our experiences, where we've worked hard all day and achieved next to nothing. In other days, we haven't worked that hard but we just nailed it. We just, we just achieved on a high level, exactly what we were trying to achieve.

    We really want our staff to be achieving at high level and there is a psychology shift that has to happen both on the management and the staff. If we look at the elite level athlete, there is a misconception that they are all rich. They're not. Most of them are just living on a shoestring, got next to nothing, We at outsiders, we see one pay check one day but that is the one pay check they've got for the entire 12 years that they're working at that skill set. But really what's happening when somebody wins a medal or they get a small cheque or they get a bunch of flowers or a teddy bear or whatever they get for winning, we're really celebrating that level of excellence. And that's what we need to start to think about with our staff.

    Alright, can we have a discussion with our staff and work out what we got to do to liberate your talent? And what can we do to either incentive or celebrate that? Because usually when somebody performs very well, they are quite happy just to have done it. And if you allow someone to do that, they're gonna be happy. But then we want to cement that in and that's when we say, well what's the thing that we can give you to celebrate this? And often does not have to be big. We had one guy in the States that he said, listen, if I do well can you just make sure that there's a tub of ice cream in the freezer for me? There's a particular flavour that he loved. And it cost us all about 3 bucks and like, of course. And he was rapt. And he can just go to the fridge -- to the freezer and get his ice cream.

    But now we come back because we went into a discussion and we said, what would you like? Now in Workplace Incentives, there's a, you know, whole collective of all sorts of things you can deliver to staff. And you don't have to think about it. You just like, say yes we need this and it can roll out. But what needs to happen first is, you need to go into dialogue with your staff and ask them two fundamental questions. How can we help you perform better? What is it that needs a shift to happen? Or how do we liberate you? And two, if you really liberate at a really high level, how would you like that to be celebrated? Now some people are gonna say, money. Some people are gonna say, lots of fresh flowers in the office. Or some people are gonna say listen, if we can just I heard someone else came into another company and it would be good if all our team can have this opportunity. Just ask them. Just two fundamentals. Ask them how can we liberate you and then how can we celebrate that with you.