Staff Efficiency

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The efficiency in an organisation is really no different to being invited to someone's house and there's confusion about the address. So I invite you to my home and say, "Hey listen, Tom, next time you're in Melbourne, why don't you come down to Melbourne? Like I'm right in the city; you should, if you're in the city, just give us a call and we'll catch up."

So then you get off the tram, and it's taken an extra hour of messing around. Then you call again. "Oh Mark, I'm off the train. Where are you?" I'm like, "Oh, just come in." You're like, "I don't know which house it is." "Ah right, okay. What can you see?" I mean it's this big crisis having to find out that you've got to walk a few more blocks.

Now, every time that happens, that person expends energy moving towards a goal that they thought was locked in, and then the goal changes. They've put energy in, and there's this psychology that says, once I get there I'm going to rest. So what happens is they get there, and then they find out there's more to do and it breaks their spirit. It breaks their spirit till eventually they just give up.

Now, if I'm really driven to go to that person's house, I will put up with that stuff. But if I'm not really that keen on being a guest at that person's home anyway, I tend to just sort of slacken off and end up going, "Ah look, it's not really worth it. I can't really fit it into this time window I've got," and we'll find a way to not deliver or to not attend.

Now, in an organisation the exact same things happen but on a larger scale. The first issue is most organisations don't really have clarity about what they're moving towards and what they're hoping from their staff. Management, especially creative manager or leader, can get quite passionate about the new directions or new projects, especially very senior people can get all excited.

The communication comes down to the organisation that the goalposts have just shifted, or we want you to do it this way now but we still want that goal. It's kind of like we go, "We want you to still go to the house in Port Melbourne, but we want you to use a bike, not a tram or a taxi." You're like, "Ugh, these inefficiencies."

So what most companies are missing is that real clear goal clarity, clear understanding of the vision of what they're hoping to build, big picture over a long period of time, a lack of understanding of what the core purpose of an organisation is, and then a lack of understanding of how we're going to conduct ourselves to make that happen.


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