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Employee Performance is very much like the lemon tree that my Dad has planted on his property down the Coast and he had this fantastic lemon tree in a pot. And he was growing great gardens and he decided to plant it into the soil. But it's not really soil in the Coast, it's pretty much sand and it's got salt in it. And the lemon tree did not respond well at all. And it has become a joke in the family. And the moral of the story is the lemon tree is great if it's in right soil. But if you put the wrong soil, it can't perform anymore.

And employers typically look for great employees, bring them in and all seem great employees come into organisations but that organisation is not a fertile environment for talent and developing performance. And management has the responsibility to make sure that environment is conducive to performance.

And if people are not running well, the management have to look at yes, yes they've got the right holidays, yes they've got the right chairs, and yes you know we've got a new coffee machine out there. That's fine. You are at your happiest when you feel loved and appreciated. There's a whole new ways that can be done but the coffee machine, that's great. But nobody drinks coffee. Or you give them a coffee machine but you're barking at them about something else because the systems aren't in place, or some of them are not really doing a good job, or you've got your focus on the wrong metric or you don't really even know how to get an outcome. But you're job as a Manager, as a leader is to create yourself to be elite. You need to create yourself so that you are maximising your capacity. You know how to get the best out of yourself and then you need to realise that does not directly transfer to your people. You then need to learn how to get the best out of other people, realising it, like the lemon tree, different plants are gonna grow better in different environments. Don't create one environment where everybody can survive in this. It's not how it works.

So really, the moral of the story is to understand if you are Manager or leader, you need to create an environment like a garden. You need to create an environment where all sorts of plants can grow and that starts with nailing your performance, and then helping everybody else to nail theirs. That's where employee performance is. Its making sure that they are in an environment where they can grow their best. And Management is in charge of that. Just like Dad's lemon tree. It's in the pot again.