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These Girls can skate! Evolving long board style with free flow & keeping the competing on a downhill level with so much stoke that Life is more than free flow.... Ooarh yeaarrh proof of why these girls skate has been captured!! WARNING: If your a girl & you watch this, you will be inspired to skate! www.earlyskateboards.com Floating Bridges!!
https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fl... THATS WHAT WE LIKE TO SEE!!!

Founded in 2000, Early Skateboards has been behind the core growth of Downhill Skateboarding revolution in Australia and renound across the globe for it's Team and Product Development in Longboards, hybrid, Slalom, Old School, Pool & Park Riding.
Today Early is all about a team of freeriding dedicated riders across the Globe who wholly and souly design, skate & create to get involved with the innovation of it'sboards, protective's, wheels & accessories. Everyone involved in Early has a creative heart to express not only through their skateboarding but photography, multi media and the future product development of the company's core growth. (IDF, ASRA, IGSA Racing approved)

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Google + : https://plus.google.com/106087066887108100503

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