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    Carhartt Weatherded Duck Dungarees [Review]


    by jlukasavige

    New from Carhartt is the Weathered Duck Dungaree pants. I absolutely love these pants and they have solved one major problem I have had with Carhartt, the break in period. When I get a new pair I need to wear them for a couple months before they are broken in. Well at that point I don't want to wear any other pants because these are the ones that are now broken in. However, during the break in period I wore the pants to work on my motorcycle, change the oil in vehicles, and probably laid in the dirt more times than I can count. So now they are broken in it's all I'm going to wear. That means the girlfriend's parents are getting a taste of my oiled, dusty, broken in Carhartt pants at dinner. Well Carhartt has now solved that problem.

    Introducing the Weathered Duck Dungaree pants. Right out of the box these things are ready to be put to work while looking your best (and feeling quite nice). They are soft to the touch, have a slight weathered look, and have the stiffness of pants that have gone through the wash a dozen times. Yet they still retain all the qualities of the stiffer more classic Carhartt pants like their toughness.

    I will be saving these for my "going to dinner pants" and will try to keep them looking nice. They are great since there is virtually no break in period and they are extremely comfortable right out of the box. These are pants I'd recommend to anyone who loves the Carhartt name but wants a pant that requires no break in period.

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