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The kriyas are purification processes to clean the body and the mind. These processes are described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. We can say that they are even more relevant today than they were thousands of years ago with how polluted our earth now is. We are full of toxins in our body which intoxicate our minds. Or, is it the reverse, have our minds become so intoxicated that we don't respect our planet, therefore intoxicating it and inadvertently, ourselves?
les Kriyas permettent de nettoyer le corps et l'esprit.Ces procédés sont décrit dans le hatha yoga Pradipika. nous pouvons assurément dire que cela est encore plus important de nos jours avec les effets de la pollution. notre corps est plein de toxine qui intoxique notre esprit. devons nous nous laisser intoxiquer à un point tel que notre planète va en subire les conséquences?

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