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    For years, Brother Octopus would sink deep below the depths of the ocean tides. Far beyond where any sea creature would even dare to imagine, he called this place home. Aside from exploring the remains of ancient history left at the bottom of the black abyss, Brother Octopus also finds comfort in writing music. 

    Using his eight tentacles to his advantage, Brother Octopus had learned how to play guitar, piano, accordion, among many other instruments simultaneously. His music was heard throughout the ocean waters bringing in many visitors such as dolphins, electric eels, and even sharks, just like a scene straight from 'The Little Mermaid'. It wasn't long after until Brother Octopus realized that he was bigger than the ocean, he was ready for the world! 

    He delivered his goodbyes and swam to the surface where he could hear a perfectly played tambourine from a distance. Brother Octopus found himself walking towards this wonderful sound and stumbled upon a highly secured building. Quickly, he put his back to the wall and just as a security guard was walking around the corner, Brother Octopus managed to knock him out and disguise himself as a guard. Without question, he continued his way towards that lovely tambourine rhythm and finally reached a lady wearing a prison outfit with a tambourine in her hand. 
    Brother Octopus whispers "Hey, I could get you out of here" as the lady frantically stares beyond the bars and notices an oddly shaped man with tentacles for arms, "Who are you?" she inquires. Brother Octopus replies "Just call me Brother Octopus, I'm a musician and I need a rhythm section, interested?". Without a moment to think about it, the lady answers "YES".

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    Beardly Audio
    Manatees & Jack O'Lantern Records

    Cheryl Wiwat - Producer
    Ben Sir - Co-Producer
    Reggie Braydon - Videographer
    Mike Alexander - Audio

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