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    Waka Island - Minecraft Survival W/ YOTESLAYA - Part 4


    by predictableNOVA

    You guys will enjoy this Minecraft survival let's play :D

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    Craft a Bed
    Get all the wool colors
    Make a fireplace of Brick (Not Stone Brick)
    Craft a Piston
    Mine up some Diamonds!!!
    Find the dungeon
    Make a Pumpkin farm
    Make a Melon Farm
    Make a Wheat Farm
    Get 64 Saplings
    Get some obsidian
    Go to the Nether
    Make a house out of a giant red mushroom
    Get 64 Steaks
    Get 64 Porkchops
    Craft some TNT
    Craft a Golden Apple
    Make a Sugar Cane Farm
    Make a Giant Mushroom Farm
    Make some Glowstone
    Find a Cake
    Get a Ghast Tear
    Brew up to 5 different potions
    Make Chainmail Armor
    Get Some Netherrakk
    Get 32 Bookcases (Thanks Noodle_13!)
    Find the Hidden Nether Portal
    Craft Full Leather Armor
    Craft Full Iron Armor
    Craft Full Gold Armor
    Craft Full Diamond Armor
    Find Secret Temple
    Make a Blaze Mob Trap
    Get a 64 Stack of Glowstone
    Go to the End
    Kill the Enderdragon
    End the Game!
    Decipher all Wakan Signs
    Leave an X on each Island
    Make a Cobblestone Generator
    Get 32 Enderpearls
    Make a Mob Grinder
    Make an XP Farm
    Completely Light Each Island
    Saddle a Pig
    Create a Lava Fountain on the Desert Island
    Find All Buried Treasure
    Find the Hidden Emeralds
    Discover the End Island
    Don't Set Off Any TNT