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    Green Tea Side Effects Damian Alexander, MD discusses Green Tea Side Effects

    Damian Alexander

    by Damian Alexander

    If you are chronically tired, then you should watch this video right now:

    In this video I will discuss
    Green Tea Side Effects
    This is going to be a very short video
    Green tea has no side effects
    Even though it does contain caffeine, it does not exhibit the side effects of caffeine
    With green tea you
    don't get adrenal exhaustion,
    You don't stain your teeth,
    You don't promote osteoporosis
    And you don't disturb sleep
    This happens because green tea's other components provide protection
    For example,
    Theanine (an active component in green tea) tempers the excitatory effects of caffeine and
    Thus prevents 'caffeine jitters'
    I recommend you also watch
    The Coffee Video Series for
    A more in depth understanding of the side effects which green tea doesn't have
    In summary, green tea provides proven cardiovascular,
    Cancer and diabetes protection
    It supports cognition, enhances immunity,
    Boosts the metabolic rate and is a potent anti-aging agent
    It also modulates the stress response
    And tempers the excitatory effects of coffee
    Through its potent antioxidant activity it supports optimal energy production
    And allows you to be energetic
    What makes green tea extract such a valuable supplement
    Are the large volumes of published scientific findings
    That validate its multiple biological benefits
    Green tea extract helps maintain cellular DNA and membrane structural integrity
    It thus promotes health from the bottom up, fortifying the basic unit of life ' individual cells
    In this video we have discussed
    Green Tea Side Effects