Boy Gets Anti-Edible Room After Chewing Plaster

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A young boy gets a new anti-edible room after he chews through plaster.

6-year-old Zach Tahir from the United Kingdom has a new room featuring inedible walls, blinds that are tightly wedged between window panes and a slip-proof floor which cannot be picked apart.

While it may seem strange, Zach suffers from pica, a condition that involves consuming items other than food. Previously, he had eaten a good portion of the plaster and window blinds in his room.

Zach’s mother, Rachel Horn tried to substitute safe food items for non-food items that he was chewing around the house, but she had no luck. After receiving money from a fundraiser and the government council, she was able to safely outfit his room and also add a surveillance camera.

Horn states “It's just I don't have to worry, knowing that he's in this safe room and I can watch him on the camera is huge weight off my shoulders.”

Pica is seen more often in kids, but a small amount of adults can suffer from the condition as well. Between 10 and 32% of children aged between 1 and 6 have exhibited signs of the bizarre eating patterns.

Sufferers may also chew on animal feces, dirt and hairballs.