No Place On Earth - trailer [HD] (2013) Janet Tobias (Documentary)


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In theaters: April 5th, 2013
No Place On Earth - trailer [HD] (2013)

In October 1942, Esther Stermer, the matriarch of a Jewish family in the Ukraine, leads her family underground to hide from the pursuing Nazis—and stays nearly a year and a half. Their harrowing story of survival living in near total darkness in two cold, damp caves is one like no other ever told. It was life... like No Place On Earth.

Genre: Documentary
Official Site:
Director: Janet Tobias
Cast: Chris Nicola, Saul Stermer, Sam Stermer, Sonia Dodyk, Sima Dodyk
Writers: Janet Tobias, Paul Laikin
Run Time: 90 minutes

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