Is Jeremy Gilbert Really Dead on "The Vampire Diaries"? 4x15 Recap


by ClevverTV

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Not since the death of Alaric has a passing on of a character on The Vampire Diaries captured our attention as much as what went down last night. In the episode, titled "Stand By Me," we saw Elena stand by her brother Jeremy in one of show's saddest situations to date. To sum things up, the group hits several roadblocks in the quest to find the cure for vampirism. The most notable being the fact that, thanks to some help translating Aramaic script from Klaus, the group learns that there is only one dose for the cure. That said, there are obviously several vampires vying for that dose, but one of them isn't necessarily expected. Oh yes, Katherine Pierce has finally returned to the show, and she successfully steals the cure. Finding the cure and finding and waking Silas (the first immortal being) doesn't turn out to be a seamless task. And unfortunately, poor Jeremy ends up being the casualty in this situation, having all of his blood drained to feed the immortal creature, and ultimately dying. Elena freaks out, but is relieved to see that he's wearing the Gilbert ring -- the one that will bring him back to life. However, the entire group knows that he will probably not come back to life. Overcome by the devastating realization that Jeremy is really gone, Elena loses it, prompting Damon to step in and use the sire bond, and tell her that she has to turn it off, meaning turn off the human side of herself that allows her emotions to take over. At this point, Elena basically goes dead behind the eyes, stands up and sets her house on fire with Jeremy inside, in hopes of successfully covering his death. But before you get too upset about saying farewell to Jeremy, I should add that Bonnie is working on a spell (which FYI seems like a terrible idea) that will bring all supernatural beings to life (including her grams and Jeremy). So will this work? And moreover, what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Also, do you think Katherine will take the cure? Lots to think about and we want opt hear from you -- so hit the comments section. I also want to give a shout-out to Zach Roerig who gave a great performance on the show last night -- was anyone else crying alongside him? Make sure to subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube for on-going entertainment news around the clock. I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood, thanks for watching!

Hosted by: Joslyn Davis