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    IDOL CAP: 10 Boys Sudden Death- Nicki Minaj Wants to Have Contestants Babies! 12x12 Recap


    by ClevverMusic

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    The latest episode of 'American Idol' saw the first ten boys face the fateful Sudden Death round, and only five survived. Hey guys thanks for watching your IDOL CAP on ClevverMusic. Last night's episode of Idol saw the second day of Sudden Death in Las Vegas, with the boys on the chopping block this time. The boys chose any song they wanted to sing, and what we got was a lot of 'agreeing to disagree' opinions from the four judges and lots of flirting from Nicki Minaj.

    The most memorable performance of the night was 27-year-old JDA who sang his own glitter-Adam-Lambert-esque version of Adele's "Rumor Has It" which included some time on the floor, check it out.

    The judges loved the performance, but not the singing so much. Keith judged, "I applaud your originality," while Nicki said, "work it girl, work it."

    One of the best performances of the night was 18-year-old Chinese-Mexican contestant Elijah Liu who serenaded the judges with Bruno Mars "Talking to the Moon". But it was Nicki's comments following his performance that stand out. She deemed him her new favorite boy contestant, complimenting his face and his voice, "I would sign you today." She went further and said, "I want to have your babies." Tell us how you really feel Nicki!

    Not shockingly the oddest performance of the night was from lovable quirky Charlie Askew who said he got fashion advice from JDA tonight. He sang Elton John's "Rocket Man", which we think was a brilliant song choice- here's a peek.

    No shock, Nicki gave him a standing ovation for that performance, and we think we may have the new Clay Aiken on our hands. So which five boys made it through the Sudden Death? It was good news for Charlie Askew, Devin Velez, Elijah Liu, Curtis Finch, Jr., and Paul Jolley whom Jimmy Iovine saved, due to a tie among the judges. Are you surprised JDA went home? Or Johnny Keyser? Tell us! Be sure to stay tuned to ClevverMusic's YouTube channel for all your IDOL CAPS and a lot more, Happy Friday see you soon.