Works of art in Hong Kong hotel bedrooms

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From paintings on beds to sculptures in the shower, no space is wasted at the Asia Hotel Art Fair. 00:00:53 PRWINT CodeNameMMV493226_TEN FileNameMMV493226_TENEsther Kim, Asia Hotel Art Fair manager Boun, French artist Bae Joon-sung, Korean artistSHOTLIST: HONG KONG, FEB 22, 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV - Entrance of Mandarin Oriental Hotel - Shot of the inside of a room - Set-up shot of Esther Kim SOUNDBITE 1 Esther Kim (woman), Asia Hotel Art Fair manager (English, 9 sec): "Hong Kong is really a fantastic place because Western cultures and Eastern cultures are just getting here together in one place." - Artworks on bed SOUNDBITE 2 Boun (man), artist (French, 10 sec): "We usually don't hang up paintings in bathrooms, on a toilet or on a bed, but as people say, art can be anywhere." [French: "D'habitude on n'accroche pas dans les salles de bain ou sur un bidet, ou sur le lit, mais comme on dit, l'art peut être partout."] - VAR of artworks in bedroom SOUNDBITE 3 Boun (man), artist (French, 14 sec): "We have tried to set up the paintings in places where you don't expect them to be. And we put this here, because we really chose a place where you can even pour water so that the water in the pond is continued by the water in the bathtub." [French: "On essaie de mettre en situation des toiles dans les lieux où on n'y pense pas. Et là on avait mis vraiment un lieu où on peut même couler de l'eau là en bas et on voit le prolongement de l'eau du bassin dans l'eau de la baignoire." - VAR of artworks in bedroom ------------------------------------ NO AFP TEXT STORY