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    Court of the Crimson King - Empire of the Sun - King Crimson Remastered - Christian Bale


    by 1236bigcat

    Music video, all clips from the 1987 Stephen Spielberg movie, Empire of the Sun.
    In this, only his second starring role, Christian Bale received a special citation for Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor from the Natl Board of Review of Motion Pictures, an award specially created for his performance in Empire of the Sun.

    The band, King Crimson is legendary, timeless, fabulously creative, and this is my favorite song of theirs.
    This video is a way for me to express what it all has come to make me feel.
    Young Jim Graham here, (Bale) in the film Empire of the Sun, (muted) was singing Suo Gan, a lullaby, written in old Welsh ... "Lullabies in an ancient toungue"

    This is not a political video, just art ... Art meant to inspire.
    And to beware of "empire" ...
    Nations form naturally. Cohesive creed or culture is hard to split ...
    Empires are held together by force, as long as they can last.
    Before they begin, we just know they're gonna end badly.
    Thomas Jefferson said "What governs least, is what governs best ... "
    Excuse me, while we forget all we used to understand.
    Thanks for watching. =^.^=