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    Amazon's Distinguished Engineer Lives and Works on Yacht

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An Amazon engineer lives and woks on a yacht.

    When you think of a yacht-owner, there's a certain stereotypical profile and lifestyle associated with it.

    Well, this story involves one of the world's most important engineers.

    Among other responsibilities, James Hamilton is responsible for keeping Amazon's multi-billion dollar web services business up and running.

    Hamilton also happens to live on a 52-foot yacht according to Business Insider. He often sails to Hawaii and works remotely from that scenic location.

    Amazon's web services are used by some of the world's largest websites like Reddit and Netflix, which means Hamilton has likely played a role in keeping them running for you.

    He has been with Amazon for about four years and during this time, Hamilton and his wife sold their house and other possessions.

    They gave up their everyday normal routine to take on a new life on a boat. When he is docked in Seattle, Hamilton rides a bike to the company headquarters and shops through Amazon Prime.

    New yacht designs these days provide all the amenities you'd find in a home and much more.

    For instance, Yacht Island Design group based out of the UK has created a Tropical Island Paradise yacht concept.
    Guest cabanas are laid out around the pool and the main suite is inside a volcano. A waterfall flows from the volcano into the swimming pool. Inside, there's a fully equipped spa, library, gym, spa, cinema, game room and multiple lounges.