Winery to Age Wine in Ocean

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A winery ages their beverages in the ocean.

Most wineries age their wines in barrels.

Mira Winery, based in California is giving a unique spin to the aging process.

Four cases of 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon have been dropped in the ocean near the coast of Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. The president of the winery states “It was born of the fact that we saw that some European wineries had experiments with both aging wine and storing wine in the ocean which we found interesting.”

The bottles that were placed in a steel cage-like contraption will remain underwater for three months. The ocean water can seep through the cages allowing it to fully surround the bottles of wine.

Once the bottles are removed, chemical tests will be performed and a comparative tasting event will be held.

Last year, another unusually aged beverage made its debut. 300 bottles of a 1999 Vintage Bordeaux Cask whiskey were made available in the US after the Scottish whisky spent 11 years maturing in a former red wine cask. The whisky was said to have an unmistakable juicy scent related to the wine.