100 Years Ago Today - February 21, 1913

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Here are 5 news stories from around the world 100 years ago.

What was happening in the world one hundred years ago? Hi this is Matt and here are 5 New York Times headlines from February 21st, 1913.

Number 5 – Stories covering passengers arriving by ship to the US were quite frequent. One involved three Russian couples who got married in the Immigrant Aid Society rooms on East Broadway. Five of the six love birds had just arrived in the US on a Russian-American liner. A woman named Mrs. Rosenbaum had traveled on the same liner and gave all three brides away.

Number 4 – Today, we hear tales of cats and dogs saving lives by calling 911. A hundred years ago, kitties were still saving lives. A 4-year-old child fell from a fifth story window of an apartment building. During the fall, her body struck several clothes lines strung across the courtyard. Amazingly, she landed on top of a cat that prevented the child from breaking any bones. The kitty was dead, giving up all nine lives to save one human life.

Number 3 – An ad for a miracle tablet announced that it could cure a cold in one day. Called the Bromo Quinine, interestingly, the pills used the word laxative - which you wouldnt' find associated with a cold medicine today.

Number 2 – President Wilson's inauguration preparations were in full swing and so were the extreme ideas that needed to be squashed. The Inaugural Committee decided that there would be no donkeys during the inaugural parade. A Washington man proposed leading a donkey decked out in bull horns and elephant tusks. Another organization wanted to bring in a one-eyed elephant into the festivities. The Committee banned all animals except horses citing they would belittle the dignity of the event.

Number 1 – Teddy bears are cute, cuddly, and don't have needs. But the hard working people who make them did have needs and they were striving for increased wages and better working conditions in 1913.